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Another Day, Another Big Boy Accomplishment!

7 Nov

As baby #2 is on the way we knew we definitely were not going to be purchasing another crib. Baby boy didn’t even make an attempt to sleep in his until at least 6 months and was not in his crib “consistently” until well over a year. I say “consistently” lightly as what I mean is he would go to sleep in his crib around 7p.m. and by 10p.m. one of us was sleeping on his floor with him in his room until morning so we could snuggle and baby boy could be in comfort. We know that with this next baby we will not be using a crib for quite some time and I thought we would work on making the transition of baby boy from his crib to a bed later on.

Hubby was keen on trying it out and I finally agreed that we could put the queen size mattress on his floor and give it a try. We already knew that baby boy slept better on the larger mattress and would wake up less during the night. I was concerned over how he would go to sleep and how long it may take for him to go to sleep at night.


Well, it has just been over a week and we have already disassembled the crib because we have had great success with this transition! Baby boy goes down around 7p.m at night. Usually hubby lays with him for a while and leaves once they get their snuggles in.  Baby boy sometimes rolls around and plays a little in his bed and goes to sleep!!  Yes, he has ventured out of bed and played a bit in his room (we have secured all his dressers and bookshelves to the wall) and today when it was the start of nap we even heard a little knock on his door as he was kindly getting our attention 😉

He is still getting up usually once a night, the odd time we will get a sleep through until 5:30/6, and hubby goes in to give him cuddles and sometimes some warm milk.  Usually he is right back asleep and some mornings has even been sleeping until 6:30!!

I am so proud of my little boy!  Sniff, sniff…he is growing up though 😦

Have you made the transition to a bed with your children? How did it go?  Thinking of making the transition soon?