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Bedtime Shenanigans

2 Sep

We used to have a bedtime routine. Dinner, bath, tv, books, mama snuggles & milk, then some daddy snuggles and sleep.  Daddy would stay with Dom until he drifted off into lala land sometime around 7p.m.  Bedtimes around here have been calm and full of snuggles.  They are still calm but definitely not our regular 7p.m. As Dom is getting older and much smarter our evenings are going something like this…..





“SNACK!” “MAMA SNACK!” “TOAST! DADDY TOAST!” “RAISIN TOAST” (our child has been eating those cranberry orange pita’s like crazy!! He easily eats 3 a day!)

Bedtime (or so we attempt!) Wide awake still 30 minutes later……..


Adam- “no Dom you don’t need juice, its bed time.”


Adam- “no Dom go to sleep.”

“K Daddy”

**insert quiet here**

Approx 5 minutes later…….

“Watch! Cars Daddy! Watch Now! I watch now…k?”

*out of the bedroom comes Dominic with Adam in two”

“SOSO (how Dom says Oso from Disney Jr) mama, watch!”

*this is where Adam informs me that once again our son is wide awake at 8p.m. and is nowhere near ready to go to sleep. However was more than ready an hour ago when we initially put him down.*

So we all snuggle and watch tv while our son demands snack after snack.  We think he is obviously going through a growth spurt. We have modified nap times to see if earlier naps, later naps, no naps, etc. will help with the bedtime routine.

For now we have decided that we will take the extra one on one time we have with our little man in the evenings and enjoy it before he decides he is too cool for his parents and snuggles!

Sometime around 9 (or 10, or……) we get this….