5th day of Christmas- Advent Calendar

14 Dec

In my Holiday Tradition post over at PTPA I explained that we were taking part in A Peek Inside the Fishbowl 25 days of Christmas.  I made red envelopes (well I bought them at a Staples) decorated with Christmas stickers and designs (from the Dollarstore!) and used cue cards to write the activity of the day on and place inside.  Black foam numbers were placed on the outside of each envelope.  I made the envelopes with the hope that I will be able to use them in the years to come.  I know as baby boy grows older he will be the one taking out the card to see what our surprise is for the day and am realistic that we will be making new envelopes as excited fingers pull on them 🙂

Here are our family activities for our 25 days of Christmas…..

1. Write a letter to Santa

2. Bake cookies

3. Visit War Museum (hubby has always wanted to go so I decided this would be a great time to include it!)

4. Tubes & Jujubes

5. Christmas decorations up around house

6. Walk around canal

7. Family Christmas movie (okay this one is more for the adults then a 7 month old!)

8. Walk to park

9. Visit  library

10. Go swimming

11. Children’s Museum

12. Make gingerbread house (post to come!)

13. Go for a drive at night to see all the Christmas lights

14. Family pyjama day

15. Get our Christmas Tree

16. Decorate tree

17. Go visit daddy at lunch

18.  Visit Santa at private Christmas party for friends

19.  Cosmic Adventures

20. Go for a drive to enjoy the Christmas lights

21. Visit Santa at the mall

22.  Take family Christmas photos

23. Go for a family snowy walk

24. Family snuggles and reading Christmas stories in bed

25. Enjoy today with family and friends 🙂 Santa came 🙂

Our Family 25 days of Christmas


What fun activities will you be doing with your family this holiday season?

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