Summer is the New Fall!

2 Oct

I will admit it. There was a time in my life that Fall was my favourite season. The crisp air, leaves turning colour, wrapped up in a warm sweater. But I’ve had a change of heart. My break up with Fall started around the time I had my first baby and the love affair with summer become full on and heated this year. With two kids under 28 months there is always fun to be had. Hubby and I are exploring parts of Ottawa and events that we never even knew existed! This summer kicked butt! We had a jam packed summer and I’m sad to see it go. I have already brainstorming all the fun for next year!

Here are some of our highlights from this summer……

*Meech lake- hidden gem, quiet beach, beautiful scenery and all of our friendly Chelsea neighbours!

*Mont Cascade- seriously we were here ALL summer! I think they lost money on our summer memberships 😉

*CHEO Teddy Bear Picnic- we will definitely be there again next year! Day full of fun, trucks, games, rides, face painting and friends!

*Lac Leamy- clean beach, nice water, play structure, walking paths, lots of space and BBQ pits. Oh and sun!!

*RCMP Musical Ride- what little kid doesn’t love watching horses, people jump out of PLANES! and parachute, fresh lemonade, and an evening of fun. This was definitely worth the extra late bedtime.

*Granby Zoo- this was our second summer going and we will be back! I think this will always be a summer constant for the kiddies! Day of animals AND waterslides! The lazy river was definitely a water favorite and seeing all the zebras and elephants!

*Splash Pads! We love visiting City of Ottawa and Gatineau splash pads probably more than wading pools right now. Mostly due to the fact that the toddler can roam a bit more free and is more happy running around the splash pad then a wading pool that has larger children and deeper water.

*Lombardy Fair- ugh it was a hot day. Hot, Hot, Hot! But how could we miss introducing Dom to a country fair that I never missed as a child?!

*Playdates- oh were these ever fun! Rotating parks and friends homes. Full of sunscreen, children’s laughter and mom’s spending some quality time together.

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