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25 Days of Christmas

3 Dec



Well it’s that time of year again and the count down is on! The countdown to Christmas has started and so has my families #25daysofchristmas advent calendar that was started by my friend Andrea at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl  

We have had great fun as a family with this version of the 25 days of Christmas and are excited about doing it again this year for the third year in a row.  You can find the activities we did last year over here


With a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old here are the activities we will be doing this year….


Saturday December 1- Daddy’s Christmas Party

Sunday December 2- swimming at Mommy’s work

Monday December 3-ice cream sundae desserts

Tuesday December 4- write letter to Santa

Wednesday December 5- bake sugar cookies

Thursday December 6- make paper snowman and decorate

Friday December 7- make your own pizza and movie night

Saturday December 8- biodome

Sunday December 9- decorate Christmas tree

Monday December 10- bake gingerbread cookies

Tuesday December 11- make snowflakes

Wednesday December 12- tubes and jujubes

Thursday December 13- Santa craft

Friday December 14- Christmas Movie and picnic dinner

Saturday December 15- Parc Omega

Sunday December 16- Museum of Civilization & Kids Museum

Monday December 17- visit library

Tuesday December 18- make gingerbread house

Wednesday December 19- taffy lane

Thursday December 20- snowy walk

Friday December 21 colour xmas sheets

Saturday December 22- see Santa

Sunday December 23- swimming Gatineau

Monday December 24- open 1 present

Tuesday December 25- Santa comes!! 


It is so fun now seeing our son get really excited about different activities and watch his eyes light up.  I can’t wait to see his amazement Christmas morning!!



2010 Christmas Hourly Photo Challenge

5 Jan

Andrea over at a Peek Inside the Fishbowl held another Christmas hourly photo challenge this year.  Check out hers here! The challenge- to take a photo an hour for at least 12 hours!

It was tons of fun and I think I may choose other fun filled days to document like this!  All the photos were taken on my iPhone as we were here, there and everywhere throughout the day! Here ya go……

7a.m. Ready to go, ripped open the first present from Grandma and he doesn’t want to get off it! Love at first ride 🙂

8a.m. Loving my new hat while in my Christmas pyjamas

9a.m. oops, missed this one!

10a.m. Heading to SF in the car with daddy driving

11a.m. Showing off my new toy as I play at Grandma and Grandpa’s

12p.m. Time for lunch

1p.m. Time for a rest.

2p.m. Daddy & Dom snuggles

3p.m. Dom’s cousin trying to trick him so she can use his new toy. She is a cutie!

4p.m.  Spending time with Great Grandma, or Nanny as she likes to be called.

5p.m. Its time to eat again! Wow, look at that old school high chair!

6p.m. What once was a kids table has turned into another adult table! All us grandkids have grown up. Soon we will need a Great Grandkid table!

7p.m. Time for a little snack aka mommy buffet. Dom’s cousin was sweet and sat there and rubbed his back while he ate!

8p.m. Sleeping on the way home

9p.m. Time to unpack!